Forum Title: Will painting a roof white lower energy bills?
We were talking about this at work today. I thought I‚d continue the discussion here. What do you guys think about it? Can energy be saved by painting a roof white?
Category: Roofing Post By: RICHARD DAVIS (Lafayette, LA), 02/09/2018

They can paint all the roofs white once I retire. I could care less at that point. Don‚t you think it would look a little weird if every roof was white?

- LORRAINE DAY (Kirkland, WA), 03/18/2018

I heard people on TV talk about it. That‚s the only reason why I brought it up. I haven‚t worked on one white roof. It‚s not something that‚s all too common around here.

- STELLA MCKINNEY (Provo, UT), 03/23/2018

Yes anyone can do it‚Äîand the benefits can be significant, especially for those in warmer climates who expend a lot of energy keeping cool. But most of the world‚s roofs, including on some 90 percent of buildings in the U.S., are dark-colored

- CARMEN MATTHEWS (Livonia, MI), 04/15/2018

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