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This was from a long time ago.TOPIC:CHOP GUY ? The Best Selling Technique Ever Devised! There have been a few threads on this topic recently and I think all of us have an interest in it; after all, if someone doesn?t sell, the business fails. Looking back through the posts I failed to notice the one technique in selling that is irreplaceable, IMO: Excitement! Every time I talk to RoofDude on the phone I hang up and feel like running around the block, then painting the house. There is no substitute for that energy, that enthusiasm for what you do. And I think that customer picks up on that. It's fun to do business with people who are just flat having a blast doing what they do. Have you ever been presenting a proposal to Mr. Prospect and you?re so pumped up because you?ve prepared a killer proposal or report, your proposal is competitive and you know it, you have great references that Mr. Prospect also knows, etc? The job is yours and you know it long before Mr. Prospect figures that out. REPLIES: TOM H- Excitement sells without question, how many movies have been panned by critics and been Blockbusters simply because a movie goer went, saw it, got excited and told all the friend ?Ya GOTTA SEE THIS MOVIE?. Everything we do or Don't do is based on one emotion or another, Ya always want to make the customer feel good about two things, you, and the customer themselves and it has to be real! ROOF DUDE- It isn?t even about the money! An old SPF guy once told me ?It's not the financial part of the money, It's the chase and victory of getting to it and the satisfaction you did the best work you could getting to it, it is The Game?. I can so relate to him and you Chopguy as well as sooo many others. I'mean obviously I'm trying to provide for my family but, I have so much more success in sales when I forget about the monetary gain for a moment & focus on winning the game. I too love the excitement of selling. I try to not go on sales if my mood isn?t right. I belI've just like sports or anything else so much of it is Mental. A high percentage of sales is the salesperson?s attitude. You know what they say attitude determines altitude. ROOFSCAPE- Excitement is a positive trait but I belI've confidence is the primary trait the customer picks up on. If you are excited about your product and service and display the confidence in both to your customer, price won?t matter. tHere's a certain amount of tact that every salesman must learn in this industry specifically. Our customers HAVE to buy our product. Weather It's you or the next guy that give it to them; they HAVE to get their roof done. That's our advantage. 90% of all those customers are going to 3 contractors to furnish them with estimates. Of those 3 which do you think gets the contract 75% of the time? The confident professional! Perhaps the first two wore jeans and t-shirts and the last wore a polo and khaki?s. Either way the customer got the warm fuzzies knowing they are I'vesting in confidence. To reach that comfort level in the ion process the customer needs to evaluate each contractor. What they recommend and how they did it will be key. Make the customer feel like you are the most professional roofing company on the market and your sales numbers will climb substantI'lly. Even if you Don't know the answer to their question, answer with confidence. I didn't say lie I said answer. No ?um?s? in your speech helps too. So what about the other 25%? You know them all too well. Me. Jackleg and his mudpuppies! Price is a contributing factor BUT Don't adjust your price and not your sales tactics. Vice-Versa! Change how you sell and when your percentage of sales per leads climbs, so should your price. But anyways, confidence is key! That's What'separates the men from the boys. CHOP GUY- Roofscape, I think the salesman?s dress code affect the salesman?s confidence more that it matters the customer. I began my roof selling career 25 years ago wearing slack, white long sleeve shirt (even in summer), tie, etc. I needed to do that because, as a young salesman, I wanted to be taken seriously in an industry where people value long years of experience, which I did not have. It worked very well for me. Later though, after I DID have those long years of experience, I found my dress style to be less important. Be neat; be clean, but at least in my market, blue jeans, tennis shoes and a polo shirt with company logo is fine. Oh, and sometimes a company ball cap, depending on the wind and my mood, both of which are variable these days. There is no substitute for knowing what you?re talking about when you?re talking to the prospect, and he Can'tell if you so or you Don't usually.
Category: Roofing Post By: ANDY FITZGERALD (Manhattan, KS), 03/17/2018

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