Forum Title: SPF Industry Getting Saturated?
I tried to think of a way to start this thread in a way that doesn?t appear self-serving. That doesn?t seem possible so I'll just launch into it and take my lumps. There have been contractors who sold their emulsion rig to get into SPF, and conversely we?ve had 4 contractors in the last year who were SPF contractors who decided to buy an emulsion rig. That tells me That'something is in play that is more than meets the eye. I'm trying to understand that. One new customer is a Phoenix SPF?r who bought an emulsion rig and came to Texas because there are so many foamers in Pheonix now that they?re doing SPF over gravel BUR for around $200/SQR. They?re killing each other. Heard the same thing from a West Coast roofing contractor, that foamers are tripping over each other out there. More anecdotal reasoning is that in our 200k population town of Lubbock, there are at least 15 foamers now. That's 1 foam rig for every 13,333 people. Granted, not all of them do just roofs, but all of them but 1 does roofs. Are they over-selling foam rigs? Saturating the industry can only drive down profits for contractors. The double-dip part of that is that when SPF contractors go belly up, their $50,000 rig gets sold by the bank for $20,000 and now a new guy is ready to bid roofs even cheaper. This isn?t unique to SPF rigs, I readily admit that. As this economy breaks roofers, more and more of our used rigs came on the market and created a secondary market for used rigs. Suddenly there are contractors out there who paid $10,000 for a rig rather than $30,000, have no training, yet are now fully equipped to become a nuisance low baller. Ya Can't blame SPF rig manufacturers selling as many rigs as they can, That's the business they?re in. There has to be a fallout somewhere down the line.
Category: Roofing Post By: JAIME RAMSEY (San Marcos, TX), 02/17/2018

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