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We all make mistakes. Have you ever made one while working on the job or working on your own roof? I have heard of people new to roofing cracking the shingles many of times.
Category: Roofing Post By: ARLENE STEELE (Davenport, IA), 01/03/2018

I remember reading about a guy who decided to do his own roof. I am all for trying new things on my own but tackling a roof job is very out of my league. He ended up leaving the tar paper on for too long and the sun dried it out. After he papered the entire roof I guess he got distracted, in the end he had to start from scratch and it was not a cheap do-over.

- CLAUDIA GRAVES (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA), 03/18/2018

Wow, acorn, that was an expensive mistake. If he was married or living with someone, I imagine they gave him a hard time for quite awhile over that fiasco. I bet in the end it would've been cheaper just to have it done by professionals.

- LEO BREWER (Warren, MI), 03/26/2018

One time, when my friend was getting his roof worked on, the worker accidentally fell through! He went down into the living room, but luckily he was alright. It was quite a hole to fix later though!

- DEBRA ADAMS (Frisco, TX), 04/16/2018

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