Forum Title: How do you go about hiring new crew members?
I am asking out of curiosity. I know everyone tends to do whatever method works best for them. Also, I know it depends on the state and the area. It seems like guys these days don't do enough background checks or take experience seriously and that is why you end up with people quitting left and right.
Category: Roofing Post By: JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ (Yorba Linda, CA), 01/04/2018

We always end up hiring someone who knows someone. The few outsides we did take in always get background checks done and a trial period. We don't allow people to just get hired by taking their word for it. That is just asking for trouble.

- NELLIE WARNER (East Orange, NJ), 03/01/2018

We run a process of background checks, drug tests, ect. like any other job. There are certain things we let slide like marijuana because a lot of guys use it for pain relief and it is better to be on that than these pain killers docs hand out like candy. We just ask that you never show up for work drunk or high.

- JACQUELINE LONG (Franklin, TN), 04/05/2018

We tend to do what other places do. We look over the application, do an interview, get a drug test done, and then hire. We tend to ask for work experience in general, not just roofing. I came into this company as a new guy myself, look at the name, and they worked with me and I learned from them.

- HELEN HERNANDEZ (Irvine, CA), 04/16/2018

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