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Hi, we bought our house new in 2001 and are in the process of finding someone to install a metal roof. We are also looking at adding closed cell insulation to help with the noise (we live next to a freeway). Anyway, I‚ve been in my attic dozens of times over the past seventeen years and never noticed until today (when an insulation guy pointed it out) that a long section of my roof (approx. 12‚ x 45‚ has the rafters going horizontal instead ‚Äì instead of vertical | like the others. Since the rafters only stick down less than two inches, the insulation guy said he can only put in two inches of closed cell foam instead of the normal four inches ( 3 1/2 normal depth of a 2x4). He was mentioning scabbing a correctly hung 2x4, but this has me worried about the roof even being up to code (Florida). Is it possible to fix from the inside without taking the entire roof off and replacing all of the rafters (12 ‚Ķ each 16‚ in length) and joists? I've walked on the section several times and didn't notice any give. We've lived through a few big storms with Hurricane Ivan being the most direct hit and didn't have any damage.
Category: Roofing Post By: CHRISTY BALL (Lorain, OH), 02/15/2018

Yes it can be done from inside without taking the entire roof.There are few essential construction step you should follow and finally make your mind setup how to fix the roofing.You will definitely get the output structure.

- DEREK DAVIDSON (Johnson City, TN), 03/09/2018

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