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Whats the funniest ?attempted? repair work you have seen performed by the homeowner? I could probably go on for eternity about all the ones i have seen over the years but I'll stick to the one i saw today and see if any of you guys have some great ones to share. This guy called about a leak on his back porch roof. When i get there he has the ladder all set up and ready to go. My first hint he?s already been up there. He takes me inside the added on screened in room on back of his house and shows me multiple leaks not just one. When we get on the roof the first thing i notice is the low slope and it has some unlevelness. Just a 7 sq. straight side tied into the wall of the house at the top. Also has a chimney at the top right and about a 5 foot long section on the left that ties into the steep slope roof above it. He had put some kind of sticky sI'very stuff that looked like oversized duct tape lol all around the chimney for flashing and on the left wall and at the pitch change. He had bulled the apron flashing at the top with black mammy where it meets the shinlges ( which did absolutely nothing but make it look horrible) Anywho, most of the leaks were due to the low slope ( about a 3/12 ) and the unlevelness. He tells me the roof was even worse before and that he had torn a layer of shingles and a layer of ice and water shiels and replaced 80% of the decking but then he just shingled right back over it ( thus not changing much of anything ( it needs modified ) and he reused all the flashings. The apron flashing was fine but the chimney flashing was horrible and not even sealed at the top where it meets the brick. Also he had installed the shingles underneath the wall/step flashing on the sides of the chimney and on the wall on the left. lol Also there were not one but TWO satellite dishes bolted straight down into the roof with black mammy smeared all around them. I gave him a bid to replace with shingle grain surfaced GAF Rubberoid Mop Grade. Replace all chimney, wall and apron flashing and recommended he let us take the two satellite dishes off the roof and he have a satellite installer come out and put them on the side of the house using brackets. $2,650 which i thought was fair including all that flashing work but he nearly fainted when he saw the numbers. Theres no telling how much he already has in it. But he did say that was his favorite part of the entire house and what i quoted to do is what he wants done to it. So time will tell i guess! lol
Category: Roofing Post By: KATHERINE ROGERS (Mount Pleasant, SC), 03/20/2018

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